How Not to Suck at Your Future Job

Tips and Tricks for Being Not Terrible

Shawn Biddle, Senior Engineer at Synacor

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Things That Make You Suck



Being Wrong

Laymen are afraid of computers like they are of a dark alleyway: You're not used to being there, and from everything you've heard there's a good chance of getting into trouble.
You don't get to use that excuse

News Flash

If you don't remember the last time you were wrong that doesn't mean you're getting better.


Don't be a luddite

Ooh, piece a candy!

Hi, I'm a Dev and I have a problem

It's harder than you think to see it.

Good News, Everyone!


Time Tracker


Why Git?

(There are other SCMs besides git such as mercurial that do cheap branching so pick one. So long as you're not using SVN/CVS you're safe.)


Why Github?

Keep Being Wrong

Most Important Part!

The goal of this is not to stop being wrong, it's to understand why you're wrong and to know how to be wrong at the right place and the right time.

The Other Thing


The only way to fix it

Stop It!

You have nothing to gain by being stubborn

"But Shawn, you use Vim, how can you talk about being stubborn."
I've try new editors as they come out, they suck, vim's awesome.
"But Shawn, you use PHP!"
Not exclusively.
"But Shawn, unicorns don't exist."
How dare you! Get Out!


Keep Being Wrong
Stop Being Stubborn