Skittles Dark: A Vim Colorscheme


I've used quite a few color schemes in the past with vim. The first one I fell in love with was Wombat. It was clean, had good contrast and was easy on the eyes during late night sessions/dimly lit cubicles. The second that I fell in love with was Molokai. This had a lot of the bonuses of Wombat: clean, good contrast and was good in dark environments but it was also a bit fun (I didn't like the pink, I changed it to red immediately) because of the bold colors.

I used Molokai for a good long while tweaking it a bit here and there to suit my needs and in the end I ended up with an amalgam of Wombat, Molokai, and a color scheme I saw in a presentation by Fabien Potencier. I deemed the theme "Skittles" because of the different colors it used: Red for keywords/functions, cyan for types, orange for operators, green for strings and purple for constants(taken from DevC++.) Skittles is also my brother's nickname which was complete coincidence.